Theater Tour ‘The Soul of Spanish Harlem’

The Soul of Spanish Harlem
with Shirma Rouse, Gianna Tam and Lilian Vieira

Tam Tam Productions will produce a new musical theater show based upon the Latin music scene in Spanish Harlem. The cast includes singers Shirma Rouse, Gianna Tam and Lilian Vieira.

The musical direction is in the hands of drummer Lucas Merwijk. The program is directed by Titus Tiel Groenestege. Theme of the show is the huge variety of sizzling music coming out of Spanish Harlem, or ‘El Barrio’ as the colorfull district was also called by its population. From the first moment on the music was of enormous importance to its inhabitants and from New York captured the world.

Line up | Lucas van Merwijk’s Music Machine
Lucas van Merwijk (Nederland) • drums, muzikale leiding
Shirma Rouse • vocals
Gianna Tam • vocals and percussion
Lilian Vieira • vocals
Samuel Ruiz Aleman (Venezuela) • bass
Abel Marcel (Cuba) • keys

Juan Viloria (Venezuela) • percussion
Oscar Cordero (Venezuela) • trumpet
Ilja Reijngoud (Nederland) • trombone

Regie: Titus Tiel Groenestege
Historical advises: Ira and Harriett Goldwasser
Production: Roosje den Hertog | Tam Tam Productions
Sound technician: Julio Hernandez